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I am 33, and have a disability. The computer gives me a way in which to express myself. I use a mouth stick pointer to type with. My disability is Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). It doesn't prevent me from having a normal healthy mind. It is genetic, and usually affects just the muscles. On the internet I share the same interests, as many people. Even things unexpected. To find out more, go to [Link to MDA of Australia]. Their database is a good resource.
Mark vs. medical
I live at a house in Blaine, Minnesota, with 3 other guys on respirators. We all share the rent on our house. It keeps us out of hospitals, and the county poke, so those who really need them, always have them available:-) Right now Minnesota government thinks home care costs too much. In the long run, it is less expensive than running a nursing home, and your life belongs to you. Yes, and by the sound of it, HMO's suck. Don't let anyone fall for one! If you are stuck with one, speak loudly and carry your own stick! Don't let it kill you. Okay, some work. But, I did read in the Mouth (magazine), a crazy HMO doctor wanted to steal his patients' toes, rather than pay for orthopedic shoes.

  Unfortunately, the Mouth has no web site (that I know of]. A comparative publication is Ragged Edge. [Link to Ragged Edge] These mags tell the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, about disabilities. My insurance, under my mom's work, would only pay $10,000 for a wheelchair that doesn't work properly. The state of Minnesota may have bailed me out, fortunately. Chairs cost $20,000 + American bucks (or £10,000 English scale)! Take note that U.S. MDA would only have only paid $1700 (£850) towards  my chair.

Hey! Wanna see my tattoo? [Link to my red-tailed scorpion tattoo] My brother at the Skin Kitchen in Iowa, did that. [ Link to Skin Kitchen]

This is the world's earliest No Smoking campaign ad campaign that I've seen, painted in 1888, by Vincent Van Gogh. He did this picture years before any of the campaigns, I suppose. Isn't it strange how people know things, no matter how many billions are spent on covering up the truth to sell a product? Most everyone knew it was dangerous to smoke, but just didn't want to acknowledge it. Believe it or not... 
Van Gogh Cigarette Smoking Skeleton
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