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Little Hardhat Guy Drilling
About Myself
Danger, danger, Will Robinson. This is a hard-hat area. The page is under construction. I am 35, and have DMD (duchenne muscular dystrophy), which makes the muscles go weak, but not the mind, and that which makes me human. I'm still functional just like any other guy, heh. I'm aware the equipment still works, LOL:) I use a ventilator and have a tracheostomy, all to assist my breathing.

Here's a picture of me in bleach-blonde mode. Usually it's very dark brunette, but I hear blondes have more fun.
Blonde Mark pic

I live in a house that I share with 3 other guys in Blaine, Minnesota. I will be putting up a few links describing the house, and how I live.

Here is a link to my webcam. If it's live it updates every 2 minutes.
[Click here.]

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