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Health and Sexual Info on Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Concerning the Heart:
There is a drug that is used for people with Duchenne, Muscular Dystrophy, when doctors find out they have Cardio Myopathy (congestive heart failure). The drug Lasix ( a diarhettic that makes you get rid of water),  is sometimes used.  Potassium has to accompany lasix, because it is consumed when Lasix is used.  Potassium is something the heart requires.  I have been noticing a pattern here and there, so don't be too alarmed.  If your potassium level bottoms out,  the chances of staying alive can be greatly decreased.  Now I'm  no doctor, but I've had a mild form of congestive heart failure for 12 yrs,  so I figure I must be doing something right.

If the doctor ever gives you a large amount of a diarhettic,  if he won't heed this warning, have your family buy you bananas, and eat a couple a day. If the hospital is competent,   and doing proper blood tests for potassium, then you may push aside this worrying of mine.

 There are other medications to help congestive heart failure,  and can be very helpful if the condition is caught early. Digoxin (a.k.a Lanoxin) helps control tachacardia (rapid heartbeat).  Vasotec keeps the blood pressure down,  preventing strokes. If CHF becomes worse sometimes the doctor will prescribe cumiden to thin the blood. Blood test can become more routine if this is taken.  A good alternative is plain oldie-but-goodie Bayer Aspirin,  or Tylenol. They both have a mild blood-thinning effect to keep things moving.  It is prescribed as a preventative for many other things. 

Things A Doctor May Not Tell You, or you're Afraid to Ask...

I've been asked many questions concerning DMD, and one of them concerns sexuality. I've been asked that when the time comes, and their kid starts asking about sex, will they be able to perform, or will they be able to function sexually. The answer is yes. There may be some positioning and adjustments necessary in bed or the wheelchair. More than likely the non- disabled partner would need to be on top.  Creative thinking, in all cases, is needed. As far as two disabled people fit into this, there are many ways of expressing love: mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and sexually. 

Physically, all reproductive organs are usually not affected. With DMD, sensation and touch are not affected. In some cases DMD can affect growth of the body and slow down the onset of puberty. This can also be due to taking prednisone, deflazecort, or other steroids. I do believe there is nothing to worry about. It [puberty] will still happen. It still will not affect sexual sensations. If there are other problems contributing to this, it would be necessary to see a doctor or urologist. 

Genetically, there is a 50-100% chance boys with DMD can give the gene to any daughters they conceive, making them carriers. This does not mean they can't engage in sexual activity. Just need to practice responsibility and use protection. There are some cases where people throw caution to the wind, for a number of reasons: a) DMD may be cured within 2 generations, if we're lucky, b) Some people trust that they never know what fate may bring, especially with so many technological and medical advancements out there, c) I'm glad I got to live this life even with such hardships. Most of it's still been fun. I wouldn't wish my disability on anyone, though. If that's what fate has chosen, I wish it would happen a little better than this life. Maybe something different will happen this time around. Maybe we're extraterrestrial or evolving into a body that doesn't need muscles. What is this crazy Mark saying? Maybe something else will grow. Maybe or bodies will become celestial. Don't use this as an excuse to ignore doctors. There are people who think prayer will cure DMD. Don't make your kids hold their breath. God, Supreme Being, Head Honcho, Dude in the Sky, whatever; He or She may have other plans. Stay awake on all possibles and positives.

In no way should anyone at a responsible or legal age be hindered from reproducing, or having protected sex. If your kid is a bit younger than 21 or 18, and you don't think he will live very long,  then it is up to the parent or responsible person to decide, or interact in some way, as to whether sex should be practiced. In the future there may be treatments, cures, or advanced genetics. I for one don't want to see us  disabled species go completely extinct. There is so much to be learned from humanity, and society needs to change the way it views disability and differences in all humans.
                        wb m.t.s

I'm no doctor, but I am not against giving out information. If this article has offended anyone, remember this: many people could benefit from this truth. If you think I'm not being truthful I would like documented proof, not a doctor's opinion. The reason for this is not to be rude. It's just that so many doctors have so many opinions, I could write a news article on the subject. I'm just looking for the facts ma'am, as Joe Friday might say.

For a pretty good adult oriented resource on disabled sexuality, and some very informative adult fiction,  please visit this link: *Mark's Disability and Ratpage.
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