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Vampire Test Drink Carbonated Blood

Answer all of these questions to see if you are a vampire, or how close.
1. Do you prefer the night? 1.
2. Do you bite? 2.
3. Do you bite frequently? 3.
4. Is blood your major staple? 4.
5. Do you go a little crazy when you get blood on your hands? 5.
6. Do you like the sight of blood? 6.
7. Do you have a strong lust reaction and start to salivate at the sight of blood? 7.
8. Were you personal friends with Leif Erickson, Genghis Kahn, or Napolean? 8.
9. Does garlic bother you in any way? 9.
10. Do you like steak tartar? 10.
11. Do you drink blood? 11.
12. Do you go through withdrawel or suffer when you dont get enough blood at any time? 12.
13. Were you born over 120 years ago? 13.
14. Are you Chaotic Evil during dinner time? (could not resist). 14.
15. Do you sleep in a coffin or other enclosed place? 15.
16. Do you go to horror films for the comic elements? 16.
17. Do you leave horror films frequently starving? 17.
18. Have you ever killed for the blood? 18.
19. Can you smell blood from a block away? 19.
20. Can you fly? 20.
21. Do you have superhuman powers? 21.
22. Can you take on a martial arts master? 22.
23. Do you have noticeable fangs? 23.
24. Does the sight of a holy man with a religious symbol turn you? 24.
25. Do you take Life-Energy from people? 25.
26. Have you ever killed small rodents, insects, or cute little Chip n Dale for blood? 26.
27. Do you pretend to be reluctant/sympathetic over a bad habit you have? 27.
28. Has a vampire ever bit you? 28.
29. Have you ever tasted the blood of a vampire? 29.
30. Have you ever been close friends with any of the undead? 30.
31. Would you ever choose becoming undead instead of dying (Firefly's Question)? 31.
32. Do you believe in vampires? 32.
33. Have you ever met a vampire? 33.
34. Do you not reflect in the mirror (invisible)? 34.
35. Are you immortal? 35.
36. Is blood or taking blood one of your biggest priorities? 36.
37. Have you ever tried, considered or accomplished robbing a blood bank? 37.
38. Do your friends think you are a vampire? 38.
39. Does your SO think you are a vampire? 39.
40. Is your SO a vampire? 40.
41. When you read Alex J-s fluff do you get deja-vu? 41.
42. Do you have those hypnotic eyes that no one can resist? 42.
43. Is red your favorite color? 43.
44. Is your SO frequently prone to extreme moments of being tired? 44.
45. Do you enjoy neck nibbling? 45.
46. Have you (or will you) outlived your great great grandchildren? 46.
47. Do you avoid direct sunlight? 47.
48. Do you avoid contact with holy water? 48.
49. Do you giggle at funerals? 49.
50. Do your eyes turn bizarre colors during feeding time? 50.
51. Do you dislike maniacs chasing you with wooden stakes? 51.
52. Did you survive the black plague? 52.
53. Do you dislike getting burned to death? 53.
54. Would you survive a few bullet wounds in vital organs? 54.
55. Despite many interpretations, do you have an exact image in mind
when one mentions vampire?
56. Do you write vampire fluff based on personal experience? 56.
57. Do you not write vampire fluff based on personal experience? 57.
58. Do you have many excuses for killing (like, they're child abusers)? 58.
59. Do your victims (if they live) ever complain of a sore neck? 59.
60. Has anyone ever called you a pain in the neck? 60.
61. Do you like the taste of blood? 61.
62. Do you LOVE the taste of blood? 62.
63. Is there nothing in the universe that tastes better than blood? 63.
64. Can you change your form at will? 64.
65. Do you stay up all night (no fair if you are a student, but okay)? 65.
66. Do you sleep most (or all) of the day? 66.
67. Do you make long term financial investments? 67.
68. Do you visit a graveyard more then once a week? 68.
69. Do you like to leave your mark on people? 69.
70. Do you like to sit in the front row around boxing rings? 70.
71. Does the man in the mortuary pay you under the counter? 71.
72. Does it take more than coffee to wake you up sometimes? 72.
73. When you do wake up, do you often feel as if you have risen from the dead? 73.
74. Do people say this to your face? 74.
75. Do you secretly watch daredevils and hope for the worst? 75.
76. Can you run the 100 meters faster than 8 seconds? 76.
77. Do you read any vampire fanzines? 77.
78. Do you have more than 10 vampire books? 78.
79. Do you have 50 or more vampire books? 79.
80. Have you read all of your vampire books? 80.
81. Do you belong to a vampyres electronic mailing list? 81.
82. Have you seen over 20 vampire movies? 82.
83. When you do see a vampire movie, do you route for the vampire? 83.
84. Does it piss you off when the humans always win? 84.
85. Do you have a favorite blood type? 85.
86. Do people around you occasionally pass away due to blood loss? 86.
87. Have you ever passed away due to blood loss? 87.
88. Were you a vampire Doubting Thomas once upon a time who dared a vampire to show himself? 88.
89. Did you participate in the California Gold Rush? 89.
90. Do you carry home soil with you everywhere? 90.
91. Have you ever been buried? 91.
92. Are people cattle (opinion type of question)? 92.
93. Do you often think your victims deserve what they get? 93.
94. Do you identify with the hungry hunter? 94.
95. Does the name vampire enter into your thoughts more than 3 times a day/night? 95.
96. Are you a car mechanic or polititian? 96.
97. Do you frequently get blood stains on your clothes? 97.
98. Have you ever publicly admitted you would become a vampire under certain conditions? 98.
99. Have you ever bit or been bitten while having sex? 99.
100. Would you email me and admit it if you are vampire? Then do it, lol. 100.

Score =
Correct answers for the perfect vampire:

1.Do YOU think you're a vampire?

Let's face it. You're probably not a vampire. But I'm wary of people in this category.
Vampirism may be disparate from their own personality, but because of this, it may be a
form of a forbidden fruit for them. These people are the most inclined to increase their
scores rapidly given the right circumstances.

You're most likely human. While you have less personality traits in common with
the vampire, people in this group might like certain aspects of vampyrism as opposed to
others. Like, they'd like the immortality, but hate hurting people; or, they'd like hurting
people, but would fear getting bored doing it.

You're still most likely human. But here we start to see people with more and more
characteristics of the vampire. Some people in this group would be willing to join the
undead given the right circumstances. Others may only now be realizing exactly how much
they have in common with the vampire. Still others just love blood a lot.

If you're mortal and you know a vampire you may not stay mortal much longer. Part of the
probability does refer to the future as well, with this in mind, most members of this group
are likely to be human, or if they're a vampire, they're probably a newly turned one.

We see more hard core vampire loving humans or newly turned vampires here. If you're mortal
and you got this score, quickly check your results on the Vampire Vulnerability Test. If
that is high too, you're in big trouble. You probably like the taste of blood, are entirely
nocturnal, and have a wonderful viewpoint for making posts. Then again, if you do get this
high of a score, quickly test to see if indeed you are human.

75 and up:
You are what you are. And you are a Vampire.

I vant to drink your blood