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Flying in from the Outside

by Mark Schager

This is a true story....


I fell backwards into the walls, and the framework, and the wiring. For an instant I heard tiny creatures scratching and moving; seeming to be small and mouse-like. I felt like I was flying, but it seemed more like I was being carried by someone, one who protected me. I floated rapidly through a darkened maze, then through a doorway. When I passed through, I peered all around. I was inside a tunnel lined with tiny structured lights; resembling glowing white, rounded rectangles. There were millions (maybe unlimited numbers) of these doorways which flowed from many lives and presences. One was the doorway that belonged to my soul. As I flew towards the end of the lighted tunnel, a bright light enshrouded me, held me, and seemed to tell me I did not yet belong in this new world. I briefly awakened as I returned back to this earth.


All of the doorways seemed to be those of other peoples lives. Some doors were open, some were closed, some were open a crack. I went back into mine. My door is still open a crack. I brought a few gifts back, adding to what I had. Sometimes I can feel souls as they pass by my door. I feel the warmth, and sometimes sadness, sometimes joy, sometimes fear; but a fear that suddenly feels brave and joyous. I brought back the power of dreams, more depth of understanding, and more love and light. Several dreams have found me, and have followed me back through my doorway. I also have brought a few strange gifts back from the Other Side. I can't prove it, but its possible that I have the ability to channel spiritual energy to other people, sending good karma, or magick -- call it what you will:-) I've had strange things happen that I can't explain.


One night I slept peacefully, content in my dark, colorful, universe of dreams. In my dreams, I saw a beautiful golden glow, a light, surrounding a person lying in a beautiful golden bed, waiting to be carried off to the light. The room was very colorful, with many lights, lighting several decks, similar to the most luxurious place imaginable. There were people standing around the bed, seeming to say goodbye to this person. Some were standing on dark golden decks, nearby me. Someone next to me, told me who all these people were. The person in the bed was a friend of Daryck (my roommate with DMD); who he and I had intended on visiting, at Bethesda. Long Term Respiratory Care. His name was Jim. The other people were friends of Daryck and Jim, from way back when they went to school together (which I slowly found out. They were people that his soul had touched). The ones I can name are: Missy, Oscar, and Lori. They were seeing Jim off, to a new world, full of light.


When I got up the next day, I told Daryck that I had something to tell him. He said he had something to tell me. He then said, "You, first.". I told him of my dreams. He looked at me, with a strange faraway look. Then he told me it was not just a dream, that Jim, indeed had passed away that night. That was what he wanted to tell me. We both seemed to know that his friend had passed on to the next world, a better one. I had seen it, without knowing, beforehand. I had never met Jim, before; just in my dreams.


Today: January 25th, 1999


I feel that all of this can be interpretted many ways. The dreams could be psychic visions (though I’m not an accurate psychic), visions sent from angels, or simply a spiritual experience. True spirituality is not necessarily a religious experience. It can happen to believers, non believers. It can make a non believer believe, or a believer seek the whole truth (not written words, hearsay from other people, but a higher truth). Sometimes a near death experience will make religion seem shallow and meaningless. For many years before my spiritual experiences I would blindly follow the bible, and act like I felt the presence of God, learn and go through the motions, and have tons of faith. Nothing ever really happened.


The power of prayer would sometimes help others and me at times, but I tend to believe that power can be combined in large groups. We consciously only use 10% of our brains. It is a known fact that the power of the brain is where healing starts. If humans could use 100% of the brain consciously, are abilities and power would be amazing and staggering. Instant healing, telepathy, and levitation would be possible. I’m not saying God does not exist. He gave us all of the power to begin with. He said, "Let there be light," and then a big bang followed. The universe expanded, planets formed, creatures slowly became advanced. Humans became so advanced they begin to ask: "How did I get here? Why is there something instead of nothing? Where was I before I was born? What is here? Everything is complicated, and balanced so perfect (Earth is 93 million miles from the sun, we are living carbon and stardust, 5 fingers 2 eyes nose and mouth), who is responsible for doing this? Why do we experience spirituality? Why are we made of the same material as the stars and planets? Why do we hear voices, see images, feel, and smell when we think? All questions with no concrete answers or proof (when you think about it, deeply). Science and Religion all started with intelligent questions and intelligent people. God is pleased with those who think. God helps those who help themselves.