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Mark Wolfman Photo Repair
(a division of Mark Wolfman Self-Publishing)
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The Job

Over time old photographs can get scratched, ripped, scraped, or stained with water or coffee. We are able to scan and copy photos to the computer, in order to touch them up and reprint them. The original is promptly sent back to the one who sent it in. Then the copies, reprints and files are sent upon receipt of payment.

The pictures we do are in color, black & white, or monochrome (using the original antique colors processed in old photos.) We also do custom jobs specified by you, the consumer or company.  The photos can also be scanned and turned into computer graphics to be used as digital postcards, computer wallpapers, or any use you can think of. The digital formats I use are: JPEG (JPG, JPE), GIF, TIFF, or Adobe Acrobat PDF files.