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My Crazy Site
Animated Divider That Looks Like A Shooting Star

Yo, my name is Mark, and as you can see, I don't look like the regular Joe. I'm 33 with DMD, and use a respirator for breathing (okay, I stand corrected. Politically correct word is ventilator). However, I have no trouble talking, breathing, and being like any other adult. Things may seem strange, but I'm an alright dude, once you get to know me. Read more below, or, check out my animation with my pc-video cam, which is 800k sized. Click here to see this page. To break out of these frames, click here.

  Pic of Mark and Ashley

Read about my NDE...(near death experience).  Does the mind still work after the brain dies? Check out this link!

Did Dracula have rabies?  Put your mouse here and click.
Here's some artwork I just did,  compared to the real thing.

To take a Vampire Probability Test,  click here .  Don't worry it won't bite you.  It's mostly a humorous little test I found 2-3 years ago,  and fixed it with a percentage meter.

Aren't pop-up ads banners just a pit of hell for people like me, who need accessible websites? A blind person may have trouble seeing what their computer just did. You know, those little banner thingies at the top of the pages, that subsequently are a violation of the ADA. Anyway, who obeys the speed limit these days? Someday all pages will have to adhere to accessibility standards. Government pages have to be, now.

Here are my other pages
Mark's Homepage
Mark's Ratpage

This is my brother, Mike, with his family. Note the magnifying glass.